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Petite transposition de la critique rimée de Jules en pentamètres iambiques , le vers classique anglais, qui consiste en une suite de 5 iambes, qui elles-mêmes consistent en une syllabe inaccentuée suivie d’une syllabe accentuée.

J’ai tenté de coller au sens le plus près possible, mais bien-sûr Molière est devenu Shakespeare et Le misanthropeHamlet.

Damnation! Here I am, compelled by pride,

I must for fear of shame show proof I tried,

Repeat all that I felt about this film,

But do it all in verse, which like a hymn

Iambic pentameters makes appear,

As if I were the glorious bard – Shakespeare.

But why attempt a task so difficult,

I hear you ask, as if it were a cult ?

See, if I thought I would be smart enough

To go for it without a call for bluff,

You need to know the film has large extracts

Of verse now thought reserved for ancient acts.

Whereas this claim is void, just hear the lines,

How smoothly rhythm bold sounds intertwines,

How rhymes I utter fall right in your ear,

How voices tremble with a fine veneer.

And lo ! Behold the modern tale it tells,

When words are said not by a clown that yells.

But let’s get on with it – it’s all about

Two friends who meet again, one has a bout

Of weariness for all in life that’s bad.
The other’s wealth and fame have made him glad.

The both of them feel drawn by stage and plays,

One is in pain, his friend’s good looks amaze.

The scene is set on Ré, that island green,

That is where Serge has gone to hide his spleen.

As for his mate Gauthier, he seems to be

A hero, savior just as on TV.

And yet they both appear preys of neglect.
Gauthier however carries some project.

To act anew in Hamlet’s sad old tale,

Back on the stage, as in the past go sail.

Horatio’s part to one, and Hamlet there,

But Serge is wary, so he just won’t dare.

Gauthier will not accept a « Nay ! »so terse,

And here they go, and right away rehearse.

And here it is, my sketches say it all.
I hope I have avoided art’s pitfall.

Now let me please conclude and try to state

That choosing one of pity or debate

Indeed is such an arduous course to take

When one decides he will no mistakes make.

For man is such that feelings pass and sway,

His heart will always yield and be a prey.

Depending on his moods, on weather’s mien,

He will in turn appear genteel or mean,

One day Horatio, Hamlet then again,

So who can deal the parts with no complain ?

The story’s all about this synergy,

And that’s what gives it all its energy.
We watch how these two men go to and fro,

Agree, and fight, how feelings overflow.

They wield nobility, revert to lies,

Regret they did, but victory blinds these guys.

Go watch the film so well scripted as well,

And you will find that not all’s tears and hell

In Hamlet’s words, though they procrastinate,

As mankind only generates his hate.

The movie’ll make you wonder all anew,

Indeed the question always needs review.

Written by florence

26 janvier 2013 à 21 h 33 min

8 Réponses

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  1. OK, it works very well !

    … mais j’ai l’impression que tu es allée plus vite que moi, et ça ça m’énerve !


    26 janvier 2013 at 21 h 44 min

    • J’avoue, je me suis aidée d’un dictionnaire de rimes en ligne.
      Mais pour le reste, le rythme da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM da-DUM, ça aide à trouver.


      26 janvier 2013 at 21 h 46 min

      • Concernant le rythme c’est tout à fait ça. J’ai retrouvé les mêmes sensations que lorsque j’écrivais des textes de chanson. Et cette alchimie qui nous échappe entre le sens recherché et le respect du rythme est tout à fait jubilatoire. Ce qui console de la transpiration par ailleurs…


        26 janvier 2013 at 21 h 53 min

  2. Maintenant j’attends les haïku, je verrais bien Gemp sur ce coup la.


    26 janvier 2013 at 22 h 37 min

    • J’ai lourdement peiné sur quatre alexandrins,
      je ne vais pas risquer de souffrir davantage ^^

      (et même mon dernier est bancal, en plus, la honte)


      26 janvier 2013 at 23 h 00 min

  3. Bon, c’est le jour des fous. Et plus on est de fous…
    Entonnoir* à vous deux ! d’avoir fait tous ces vers.

    * J’aurais dû dire « chapeau ! »… mais mon pied eût souffert.
    Je n’ai pas le talent d’être à l’aise comme vous.


    26 janvier 2013 at 22 h 56 min

    • Bah, tu y étais presque avec « chapeau » :

      « Chapeau donc à vous deux ! d’avoir fait tous ces vers »

      (et ta modeste incise est un alexandrin !)


      27 janvier 2013 at 10 h 20 min

      • So it’s fools’day it seems. They say: the more…
        Hats off to you for writing verse galore.
        I should’ve cried: Congratulations all!
        But then revealed how weak a quill has Paul.
        (c’est juste pour la rime!)


        27 janvier 2013 at 10 h 32 min

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